Thursday, July 27, 2006

Exiles Display Anti-Revolutionary Placards

From Oscar Corral's blog July 25:

Exiles Call for Passive Resistance in Cuba

Defanairiondo_3 Three Cuban exile groups announced a campaign Tuesday to encourage a wave of passive resistance in Cuba to combat Fidel Castro's government peacefully. The groups, M.A.R. for Cuba, Plantados until Freedom and Democracy in Cuba, and Cuban Democratic Directorate, unveiled posters that emulate street signs which they plan to smuggle into Cuba and disseminate on the island.

The signs, which are a striking red and yellow, say "yo no," (I don't) followed by different words, sigo (follow), reprimo (repress), asisto (assist), chivateo (snitch), coopero (cooperate) and repudio (repudiate). The groups said the signs will be circulated inside Cuba as stickers and fliers, although they declined to specify how they will sneak them in. Two of the groups, Directorate and Plantados, receive federal funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Group leaders said the campaign was launched after dissidents inside Cuba appealed to the exile community to help them spread the word of passive resistance inside the island. The groups believe there are signs from the island that passive resistance is growing. For example, they said, many people now refuse to engage in acts of repudiation against their neighbors.

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